Why Use a Local Solicitor for a Personal Injury Claim


Local Solicitors Add Value to Accident and Personal Injury Claims

If you have had an accident or suffered a personal injury that was not your fault Bird &Lovibond solicitors can help you with your claim. We offer a free initial meeting and claims can often proceed on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis. We haveexperienced Personal Injury solicitors at each of our offices in Uxbridge, Ruislip, Greenford and Ealing.

Our reputation is such that we are frequently asked to take over accident and personal injury claimsfrom other firms, particularly where a client has instructed a national claims centre or a firm of solicitors that is not local.

Why does this happen?

The simple answer is that a local solicitor can add significant value to the claims process and the outcome of the claim. They are also able to deliver a more personal service, including face to face meetings and a hearing in a local court which is convenient for both clients and any witnesses!

The Advantages of using a local solicitor for a tripping claim

  • We are able to visit the site of the accident and measure the defect in the pavement which has caused the accident to occur
  • An early inspection is very important in a tripping claim, as often the defect will be repaired by the Local Authority immediately the accident is reported
  • We can take witness statements from local residents
  • As we regularly deal with the local councils, we know their approach
  • The following case summary shows these benefits in action:
    • a retired gentleman broke his hip when he tripped over a pavement which had been damaged by tree roots. The Local Authority denied liability and said that they were not aware of any complaints or problems with the area prior to the accident. We interviewed a local resident who had complained over a number of years about the problems and gave a Witness Statement supporting the claim. Therefore, despite not having any records on their system, the Local Authority finally accepted liability and settled the claim in our client’s favour.

The Advantages of using a local solicitor for a road traffic accident

  • Local knowledge can really assist in winning this type of case
  • We know local road layouts and when they are changed
  • We are able to attend the scene of the accident and take photographs of road markings and layouts
  • The following case summary shows these benefits in action:
    • After a road traffic accident our client was accused of causing the accident by undertaking a vehicle. We attended the scene of the accident and took photographs which showed evidence of old road markings. We were therefore able to successfully prove that the road layout had changed since the accident and that our client was therefore not undertaking at the time of the accident. The other party had caused the accident by turning left across our client’s path. Based on our evidence the Judge accepted that the road layout had been changed afterthe accident and found in favour of our client.

The Advantages of using a local solicitor for an accident at work

  • Because we are local we have acted on a number of occasions against the same employer
  • We know local employers who have poor practices and can use this knowledge when an accident involving that employer happens.

Our solicitors are also used to the local Courts. They understand the approach that the Judges adopt and can therefore ensure that the presentation of the claim is tailored accordingly.

If you would like to arrange a free meeting with one of our personal injury solicitors call your nearest Bird &Lovibond office. Uxbridge (01895 256151), Ruislip (01895 636037), Greenford (020 8578 6936) or email info@bird-lovibond.co.uk

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